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Skyscraper Display Stands

Skyscraper Display Stands

$ 423.40

Need a display to get your important message noticed in a lobby, store, crowded business convention or special event?

If so check out our newest display, the fixed width Skyscraper. It comes in a variety of sizes but what makes this one different from everybody else’s display is the ability to customize the shape at the top and how far down the graphics extend to the bottom. No more boring flat top banner stands! You can create visual interest with fun shapes such as a wine bottle, beverage can top, arch shape, you design it and we can probably cut it.

Features and Benefits:

  • You design the shape at the top
  • Graphics can be purchased 1/Sided or 2/Sided
  • Includes ½” thick Gatorfoam printed via our vibrant full-color UV printing process
  • Attractive racetrack oval aluminum uprights
  • Portable, strong, lightweight
  • Satin silver matte finish
  • Simple 5-minute assembly
  • Weighted precision steel base
  • Place graphics any height with set screws

The Secret for Additional Customization is in the Hidden Set Screws

Skyscraper Mounts are specially designed to hold 1/2″ thick rigid substrates such as foam board, acrylic and Sintra. Portable, strong and lightweight. Skyscraper Mounts consist of an oval aluminum extrusion with a 1/2″ channel to hold the graphic with a weighted steel base. There are headless set screws in the aluminum upright that secure the graphic. Because they support the graphic along each side, they can safely hold up to 8 foot plus tall graphics that couldn’t be displayed with other methods.

The hidden set screws are also great for displaying smaller graphics because it allows the sign to be positioned at any point along the uprights, which allows graphics to be moved to the top of the uprights with open space left below. This can be useful for saving money on the sign itself when used in situations where the lower portion of the sign wouldn’t be visible, or for raising a smaller sign up to eye level. The design of the Skyscraper Mightee Mounts allows for single or double sided graphics to be used, since there is nothing to obscure the view from the back side.

Download Graphic Template Here

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