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FloorWindo® Poster Display

FloorWindo® Poster Display

$ 73.52

By standing out right at the point of purchase, the FloorWindo® increases brand awareness and drives sales.

Effective & Easy to Use
Never has floor advertising been so effective and so easy to use as with the FloorWindo® exchangeable poster display.            

Reactivate your Campaign
With the emotional impact of your poster in a FloorWindo®, you reactivate your advertising campaign right where it matters the most!

The FloorWindo® 5 makes it even easier to update graphics. A stiffer redesigned construction allows for easy handling and storage.

CleargriP™ scratch-resistant surface
The FloorWindo's® CleargriP™ protective window is designed with both clarity and safety in mind. ADA compliant, NFSI certified and maximum protection for your graphics.

Slip Safety Certified
All FloorWindo's® are tested and certified by the NFSI and BIA for slip-resistance. FloorWindo® CleargriP™ was tested according to the ASTM* and BIA standards and was executed in both dry and wet conditions.

The FloorWindo® can be customized with a colored frame and direct printing on the window. The unique extended window protects the frame color from dirt and scuffs. Customizing typically available from 500 pieces and up but call to confirm.

FloorfiX™ Anti-slip Grid
FloorfiX™ grid for an optimal fixation on most flat and smooth floor surfaces. The grid allows for easy repositioning of the FloorWindo® without damaging the floor.

* Prices shown do not include drop shipping charges.
** Graphics sold separately. We would love to print these for you too!


Dimensions & Weights
Length x width: 899x632 mm / 35.4x24.9 in
Height: 4,2 mm / 0.17 in
Weight: 2,5 kg. / 5.5 lbs
Packaged weight: 3,07 kg. / 6.77 lbs.

Dimensions & Weights
Length x width: 1.227 x 879 mm / 48.3 x 34.6 in
Height: 4,5 mm / 0.18 in
Weight: 4,5 kg. / 9.9 lbs
Packaged weight: 5,9 kg. / 13 lbs.

Dimensions & Weights
Length x width: 889 x 335 mm / 35 x 13.2 in
Height: 4,5 mm / 0.18 in
Weight: 1,25 kg. / 2.76 lbs
Packaged weight: 1,76 kg. / 3.88 lbs.

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