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Floor Promoter, Quick Change Floor Graphics

Floor Promoter, Quick Change Floor Graphics

$ 120.50

Place promotions directly in front of your customers.

A low-cost “billboard on the ­floor,” Floor Promoter is skid-resistant, adhesive-free and easy to reposition. A scratch-resistant window makes it ideal for even high traffic areas. Floor Promoter can also be repositioned easily — just pick it up and move it!

  • Replace graphics in seconds with just your hands.
  • Reposition your graphics easily without any messy adhesives to clean.

Top 5 benefits of a Floor Promoter:
1- High attention value
2- Poster/graphics can be updated or changed (is not a sticker)
3- Is safe and durable
4- Can be placed on any flat surface (tiles, carpet, concrete, wood)
5- Can be easily deployed and even be repositioned
6- Easy to clean

Organize your in-store, office or warehouse communications by using flexible and easy to deploy Floor Promoter. A printed poster can be inserted, and you position it where it matters most. Replacing it at a different spot with a different message is easy and simple. This way you have easy control.

You know what! Messages on the floor are most likely to be seen. Everybody looks where he or she is walking. If it works in advertising, it will surely work to get todays safety message across. Think about messages to keep distance, prevent hoarding, indicate routing, warn for slippery floor, instruct the public etc.

See how it works below:


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