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Brushed Metal Print Kits With Mounting Hardware (See how the unit price goes down a lot as the qty goes up)

Brushed Metal Print Kits With Mounting Hardware (See how the unit price goes down a lot as the qty goes up)

$ 101.00

Looking for a way to make your printed graphic stand out from the crowd?
Try printing on our brushed aluminum. All you need to provide is the art. We have printed keepsake photography, signage, plaques, drawings, portraits, restaurant menus, point of purchase displays, and just about everything in between. Whether you have just one image to print on metal, or multiple, our custom metal prints are the perfect way to personalize, as well as beautify your space. With this option the whites and bright areas of your image are not printed, allowing the brushed aluminum finish to come through. When you display the final product, your image will have a metallic look and brushed texture.

Colors will pop when the brushed finish bounces the light as the viewer experiences the image.
Please note that due to the brushed aluminum finish colors will slightly change on your final print. Choose this option for a unique and contemporary look to your artwork. Direct prints on metal cannot, and are not intended to, be identical to the original digital image. Rather, they are an artistic reimagining that results in a unique, eye-catching display.

Quality and Durability
Since these prints are constructed from nothing more than a thin sheet of metal, these prints are very lightweight. The rigidity of the material makes this a durable product that is built to last. We use UV-resistant inks, which means the colors of the image should not fade over long periods of time, even if your piece is being displayed outdoors. Since there is no paper or canvas surface on top of the metal, the inks will stay affixed to the surface indefinitely.

Shapes and Sizes
Rectangular and square shapes are most common for these metal prints, but feel free to take advantage of our capability to profile cut to most any shape.

Kit Includes:

  • Default is 1/8″ rigid brushed aluminum.
  • Four corner stainless steel standoffs included.
  • Once hung on the wall with the provided 1″ deep standoffs, the display allows a bit of light to fall behind the piece, which adds a bit of radiance to the image and effect of the presentation.
  • Call for quantity discounts.
  • Don't see a size or quantity you want? No problem. Just give us a call and we will provide an estimate for most any size you need.

Prices shown are unit price at the quantity selected

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